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What You Need to Start Homebrewing Beer

Homebrewing is the process of making alcoholic beverages, namely beer, wine, and cider on a small scale for private, noncommercial purposes. Breweries and home brewers all over the world enjoy making their own beer and wine. Homebrewing supplies, including fermentation tanks and kits, can generally be bought at local, specialty shops or on the internet. However, the learning curve when it comes to how to make beer at home can be intimidating to some. In addition, the process itself can be rather slow and methodical, especially if you have never done anything like this before.

Most home brewing supplies come with some sort of fermenter. Fermenters differ in many ways, but basically, they serve the same purpose: ferment the wort (or beer) that’s produced. When choosing a fermenter, there are basically three options to choose from. You can choose a glass fermentation bucket, a wooden fermentation bucket, or a metal fermentation bucket. However, these aren’t the only options available; some homebrewing kits use special types of buckets that are unique to their brand.

The way that wort is fermented greatly affects the taste of the finished brew. For example, if you add too much sugar to the mix, the end product may have a thick, sugary taste. Likewise, if the sugar isn’t completely removed during the boiling process, the yeast can start to oxidize, resulting in a light, straw-like taste in the end product – not what most homebrewers are looking for.

Brewing beer can also be very simple or very complicated, depending upon how the home brewer plans to approach the whole process. If you are a beginner and just want to drink some beer as a hobby, there are home-brewing kits available to help get you started. These kits contain everything that a beginner needs to get their brewing feet wet and start experimenting with different varieties of beers. However, if you are a more experienced homebrewer, you may decide to go the more advanced route, adding ingredients and trying to figure out just how to make your beer unique to your own tastes.

As mentioned earlier, many home brewing kits use special types of buckets for fermenting. The difference between these two choices is pretty obvious – metal buckets require a stainless steel container to keep the wort or beer in. Plastic buckets are much lighter and easier to transport, which is why they are typically used by more advanced homebrewers. However, there are also home brewing kits that use other materials for fermenting such as ceramic jars, wood, or plastic film. No matter what material you are fermenting buckets or containers are made of, it is important that they are properly sanitized and free of any contamination before putting them to use.

Perhaps one of the most intimidating things for a new home brewer to try to master is keeping the yeast happy and growing in the fermenter. While it is not absolutely necessary to buy all of the equipment and ingredients to make your own beer, there are a few products on the market that will help you make the best beer possible without all of the work. For starters, some people opt for Wort Hystery, which has proven to be an effective means of keeping yeast growth under control. Other yeast growth controlling products include Yeast Free Grow and Mr Beer.

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